Beer List

From the Tap

3Sheeps-3 Sheeps Pils abv 5%
Odd Side Ales-Citra Pale Ale abv 5.75%
Moody Tongue-Grapefruit Pils abv 4.3%
Bull Falls Bock Lager abv 4.8%
New Glarus-Spotted Cow Ale abv 4.8%
Coors Light  abv 5.4%
Alaskan Brewing Co.-Alaskan Amber  abv 5.3%
Stella Artois abv 5.2%
Collective Arts-Life on the Clouds IPA abv 6.10%

Deschutes-Fresh Squeezed IPA abv 6.7%


Domestic Bottles

Budlight-Budweiser- Coors Light Michelob Ultra-Miller Lite-
 Miller High Life- PBR-Busch Light-       NA Beer-Buckler 


Deschutes-Black Butte Porter 5.2%
Spoetzl Brewery-Shiner Bock 4.4%
Boulder Beer-Shake Chocolate Porter 5.9%
Central Waters-Mudpuppy Porter 5.8% Deschutes- Obsidian Stout 6.4%
Fair State- Big Doinks IPA 6.5%    Side- Strawberry Hop Milk 7.5%                      Bells-Two Hearted IPA 7%               

Ale Asylum-Velveteen Habit 7.5%
New Belgium-The Hemperor HPA 7%
Six Point- Resin 9.1%
Deschutes-DA SHOOTZ Pilsner 4%
18th Street-Sex and Candy IPA 7%
Toppling Goliath-Pompeii IPA 6.2%
Odd Side – Dirty Dank Juice 9.9
MKE-Outboard 5% 
Bull Falls-FIVE STAR 6%
Hinterland-Cherry Wheat 5.4% 
Crispin’-Rose Cider 5%
 Crispin’-Blackberry Pear Cider 5% 
Cr ispin’ Cider 5%
Modelo- 4.5% 
White Claw Mango Hard Seltzer 5%
White Claw Ruby Red Grapefruit 5% 
Montucky-Cold Snack Lager 3.2%